Stanley Dundee

Respect. Acknowledge. Unite.

Respect your fellow citizens. Acknowledge their grievances, many of which are legitimate. Their jobs were stolen. Their communities were destroyed. Shed the hate and fear prompted by the mouthpieces of the oligarchs sowing division among the many. Unite against the owners and rulers. Unite for dignity in service and care for all.

Hat tip to Caitlin Johnstone.

Also, from her,

Whenever I write about the exploitative Orwellian oligarchy that is loosely centralized behind the official United States government, I always get a bunch of bitter, annoyed Americans making well-intentioned comments about how stupid their countrymen are for continuing to support such a pervasively evil establishment. I totally understand this sentiment. The wars keep happening, the wages keep shrinking, the corporate regulations keep vanishing, the civil liberties keep diminishing, the police keep militarizing, and the surveillance network keeps expanding, but rank-and-file Americans keep playing into the same predictable good cop/bad cop partisan extortion scheme year after year after year despite the overwhelming evidence that the game is one hundred percent rigged for the house. Looking at the way Americans tend to vote, one could understandably draw the conclusion that they're all dopey and apathetic at best and depraved at worst...The American people are victims. The bootstrap mentality which dominates so much of US culture preconditions an instinctive revulsion at that word, but it's true. Vast amounts of money and resources have been funneled into the research and development of the science of propaganda and psyops for over a century, and this advanced arsenal of psychological weaponry has been pointed squarely at manipulating and controlling the way Americans think and vote for generations. They are the victims of this psychological abuse, and the oligarchs who are using it to rule them are the victimizers...America is not its oligarchs. Can I repeat that? America is not its oligarchs. Because I get that from both sides of the aisle: well-meaning lefties are all like Oh my god, we're so stupid, why do you even bother with us? and conservatives come at me with Why do you hate America?, but Americans are not their oligarchs. I hate the oligarchs, not the Americans. The oligarchs are stupid and depraved, not the Americans. It's the oligarchs whose imagination is so dim that they can't dream up a solution to a problem that doesn't involve killing swathes of humans. They are the stupid ones, and they are the ones I hate. I do not hate their victims...