Top: Getting Money Right

Remaking the Conventional Wisdom about Money

Stanley Dundee

2017-10-18 v. 1

The Big Picture

For the broad historical sweep from Sumeria to Wall Street, the books, papers, postings, and interviews of Michael Hudson are invaluable. Try his pellucid survey of a century of economic struggle.

Introductions to Modern Money Theory (MMT)

A great place to start is Rebecca Rojer's The World According to Modern Monetary Theory.

Over at Naked Capitalism, Lambert Strether offers MMT on a Postcard.

For a more comprehensive approach that uses a style compatible with our Getting Money Right, try Warren Mosler's Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy (pdf).

MMT Resources

Bill Mitchell's Billy Blog is comprehensive and thorough, albeit a bit daunting for newbies. Great for reference material and real-world applications to economic policy.

From the UMKC economic department and friends comes New Economic Perspectives, which provides introductory and reference materials. UMKC has long been the hub of MMT research in the US, with Randy Wray, Stephanie Kelton (formerly), Bill Black, and many others. Wray provides the MMT Primer for new students.

At Bard College, the Levy Institute offers extensive MMT research as well as the papers of Hyman Minsky.

The Modern Money Network aims to bring accurate and accessible knowledge of monetary and financial systems to the broader public. You can find video of many MMT luminaries there; e.g. watch Pavlina Tcherneva promote the job guarantee.