Stanley Dundee

Getting Money Right

Here's where I add my voice to the swelling chorus that has set out to remake the conventional wisdom on money. My approach is directed against the many lies that are endlessly propagated in media and academia: I tackle some of the most prominent examples.

If this is your first approach, I suggest you start with the whole essay in one page. If you'd rather curl up in a comfy chair with old-fashioned paper for serious reading, you can grab the pdf version here.

If you prefer to take a little at a time, you can read the essay section by section starting here. The individual sections are intended to facilitate high-specificity linkage: you can insert a link to one of the sections when you want support for a specific point.

For reference, here's the complete list of sections:

Here's background material, linked from above, mostly comprising quotes from experts and other authorities. When I say money here, I mean fiat money. Items lacking links remain to be written.

Thanks for reading!