Top: Getting Money Right

Why Study Money?

If your education about the political economy of money has come from the heights of academia and the corporate media, many of the things you may think you know about money are dramatically untrue. Obscured by a dense array of common-sense and academic falsehoods, the truth of these matters is perfectly well understood by bankers and other ruling class players. They much prefer that you remain in the dark. Possibly, the entire edifice of establishment commentary in politics and economics is carefully constructed to foster ignorance about the realities of money and its origins in society.

Even if it's just an oversight that the keepers of mainstream discourse tirelessly disseminate falsity, you should still want to know the truth. If you accept the conventional wisdom, you are likely to significantly underestimate the policy options that are available to the US goverment and other sovereign money issuers. You may fail to appreciate the dire consequences of ceding monetary sovereignty to external powers. You may overlook the vast power wielded by bankers through their legal authority (and near monopoly) to create money, subject to only the merest glance of democratic oversight. That power has been hijacked from society at large. Our challenge is to claw it back. Take a step towards regaining democratic sovereignty by understanding the realities of money and rejecting the ubiquitous lies.