Noticed by Stanley Dundee:

2020-09-03: Black and Blue In America , by Karen Garcia

Karen Garcia of Sardonicky offers a spirited dose of truth-telling in her latest Black and Blue In America:

Culture wars which pit various factions of the poor and working classes against one other are almost always created by and waged for the ultimate benefit of the oppressive oligarchy.

Garcia notes that the live-streamed convention of the Movement For a People's Party was not getting much in the way of media attention. She takes some heart in the possibility of a meaningful third party in American politics. She also offers some familiar but relevant insight into the motivations of cops in this era of neoliberal hegemony:

. . . one thing we should keep in mind is that protest-busting cops function as the hired weaponized buffer zone between citizens and the ruling class. The fact that America's municipal police forces have been become increasingly militarized in recent decades, with even small town departments now heavily fortified with tanks, drones and grenade launchers, is testament to the essential brutality of thst real war, the class war of the rich versus the rest of us. The oligarchic forces, be they Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, DEA, ICE, National Guard, Homeland Security, Border Patrol or cops on the beat, are mainly comprised of working class people from the same distressed communities where civilian jobs have been destroyed by the cruel ravages of neoliberal capitalism and its corporation-serving free trade deals.

There's more regarding the relationship of former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg to his own army in the NYPD. And there's some nice take-aways from Case and Deaton on deaths of despair, in which the for-profit US healthcare system itself . . . is the leading cause of these deaths by suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Although readers of Stanley Dundee will not find much that's new, there's some well-stated reality and the biting wit that Sardonicky wields might bring some rueful pleasure at a time where all of our options seem hopelessly grim. Perhaps we can bear reminding that tut-tuting punditry . . . just sucks us into their divide-and-conquer program and deflects our attention away from the real war, the violent class war of the Rich against the rest of us.