Noticed by Stanley Dundee:

2021-02-26: The Characterless Opportunism of the Managerial Class, by Amber A'Lee Frost

Back in the early days of the 2020 presidential campaign, prior to Bernie's sidelining, Amber A'Lee Frost took on the question of solidarity between the professional-managerial class (PMC) and the working class. Frost leads with Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed, and, especially, Fear of Falling. Ehrenreich pioneered the analysis of the PMC. Fear of Falling is a historical romp featuring the ever-strained relations between the PMC and the working class. A valuable survey of the early evolution of the minion class.

Frost laments the PMC flavor of the revitalized Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) precluding any finding of solidarity with co-workers failing wokeness tests:

The [DSA event] culminated during the Q and A, wherein a woman earnestly asked, What do I do if some alt-right guy wants to be in the union? Visibly vexed, I replied that if an alt-right guy wants to be in your union, you won. This statement was met with noticeable consternation, so I went on to explain that you want everyone in the union because the end goal is a closed shop. I explained that this is the very premise of a union: it is not a social club for people of shared progressive values; it's a shared struggle, and collective politics are the only thing that can actually break down all that office bigotry you're so concerned about. She did not appear convinced.

Frost doesn't hold out much hope for solidarity across working-class/PMC lines. Their fealty to hegemony is their reason for existence, what capitalism created them to do. PMC minions will only serve power; workers must have already won before the PMC can be swept up:

If the working class someday succeeds in making comrades of the middle class, it won't be because the experience of decline has somehow radicalized them. It will be because a strong, organized movement of the working class has established itself and herded them into its flock. Such herding must be both ideological and institutional, meaning that not only must the PMC be recruited to the cause, it must be absorbed into the ranks of the working class.

A valuable correlative can be found in Scipio Sattler on underminding Sanders, which examines the use of cancel culture as a tool to advance PMC interests (mainly at the expense of the working class).

Taming the masters will have to be in spite of the PMC, especially the PMC authors of our standard narratives, which use identity politics as antidote to solidarity. Divide, divide, divide. It seems to be working pretty well, and countering will be a long slog. Solidarity needs a comeback. I advocate bottom-up local-scale mutual reliance, with prolific local adaptation. Revitalized unions will feature prominently. Victory will eventually have the PMC re-minioned to serve working class muppets. But a minion to muppets is a muppet too, in solidarity.