Stanley Dundee

Solidarity: Proposed Definition

This is a proposal for a working definition of solidarity.

Serve and be served. Care for all.

Everybody should do their part, and do it for the sake of doing it well. Everyone should be honored for doing their part well. Service is dignified indeed sacred. We each have duty to all of our fellows. Performance of that duty, in service, gives our lives meaning.

Nobody can be neglected. Judge a society according to the treatment of all of its members. When some are denied fundamental services, a society fails. The responsibility lies with the society, acting in whatever constituted form it has adopted. Ensuring that all are cared for is the most fundamental social duty. All in, nobody out.

Taken from these suggested blessings, part of this theological engineering project.

Solidarity is a mission to eradicate class at best, and at least to protect the weak from the powerful. Amber A'Lee Frost assessed the rather dismal possibility of solidarity between the PMC and the working class, prompting my linkage to the theology via the notion of solidarity. Natalie Gochnour provides a useful example of the societal benefits of care for all. Also worth noting is that identity politics is a highly effective antidote to solidarity. Here's my ongoing enquiry into class war. For means and ends of solidarity, see democratic sovereignty.