Stanley Dundee

Old News

2017-12-19: Apologies for long absence; other commitments have kept me away but I will return with new material soon!

2017-10-23: Punched up the purpose.

2017-10-21: Incorporated a supporting excerpt from a magnificent review of a century of economic struggle, by Michael Hudson, in bankers as unelected sovereigns.

2017-10-20: Incorporated remarks by a beloved friend with extensive US and international economic policy experience regarding affording what we want and bankers as unelected sovereigns.

2017-10-18: Refactored Getting Money Right to provide the whole essay in one page and, alternatively, each section having an individual page for specificity of linkage. Individual sections start here. Also the swelling chorus remaking the conventional wisdom about money.

2017-10-17: Affording what we want.

2017-10-09: Supplied robots.txt to allow everything.

2017-10-06: Skeletal stewardship, homely houses, and fiction.

2017-09-19: Fleshed out taxes drive money.

2017-09-15: Standardized linking in Getting Money Right and title fixes in supporting reference materials.

2017-09-06: Updates to Getting Money Right and related reference materials. Citing Bill Black on banksters.

2017-09-07: Releasing textbook money, and minsky moment.

2017-09-05: Added skeletal agnotology, textbook money, and minsky moment.

2017-09-02: Going live!

2017-08-31: Contact. About. Reworked blessings.

2017-08-30: Reworked Getting Money Right.

2017-08-15: Skeletal pages for money references.

2017-07-14: Supplied elementary page headers and footers.

2017-06-22: Reworked purpose.

2017-06-13: Getting started. Purpose. Getting Money Right. Mysterious Gift. Blessing.